Renovating a historic edification implies giving it a new life and a new outlook in terms of its space. Architecture can be thought of in function of the convenience and comfort of its inhabitants.

The creative obstacle (and asset) for this project consists in achieving high quality spaces in a building that was previously developed for other uses.

Applying two different approaches can solve this conceptual concern: either maintaining the existing attributes and characteristics of the building onto the new spaces, or, conceiving the new spaces within the building based on a contemporary thought.

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My vision for the building embraces the second approach. In many regards that choice is due to this project existing in the context of Binghamton, where these architectural approximations can re energize the city center. In another aspect it is due to thinking about these new living spaces designed with great flexibility and general transparency; abundant light and open areas. As such, maintaining a classical approach would hinder an innovative action.

My proposal will develop a strong conceptual intervention conceived in accordance to a living space that aims for a relaxed, joyous, and dynamic atmosphere.

A conceptual plan for the redevelopment of a vacant building totaling 50,000 square feet into housing units follows:

At the First Floor:

  • Retail

Second to Fifth Floor:

  • Housing Units.
  • 4-5 Units per Floor.
  • 6 bedrooms per Unit.

The Building


The proposal


corte1b-01-03 corte1a-01 corte1a-01-02




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